Gympie Police are appealing for information
Gympie Police are appealing for information

Man held machete to woman’s neck in armed home invasion

A NORMAL Saturday night took a horrifying turn for Kin Kora residents when they were held against their will during an armed robbery.

Dylan Guy Smith was one of four people who entered a house about 5pm on March 14.

The 20-year-old, in the company of two juveniles, went over the back fence of the property, cut a hole in mosquito netting and entered the house through the back door.

At the time, a seven-year-old nephew of one of the occupants was at the house, however managed to escape.

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Smith, armed with a machete, held it to a victim’s throat and accused the victim of robbing others.

Smith loaded a bag with watches, jewellery, playstation controllers and a razor among other items.

At the time, Smith and a co-accused prevented the victims from leaving the room.

Their plan unravelled as his mask slipped and a victim recognised Smith’s face.

However the robbery did not stop there.

Smith got into a scuffle with a victim and in the process cut this victim’s thumb.

He demanded the victim’s wallet which the victim complied with.

Eventually Smith was forced out, as two of the victims chased him out, allegedly armed.

Smith was picked up a few days later when he made admissions in a police interview.

Smith told police he was recruited by the others and had been motivated due to one of the victim’s stealing marijuana from him.

Smith pleaded guilty in Gladstone District Court on Wednesday to burglary with violence, depravation of liberty, armed robbery as well as possession of drugs, utensil and items used in connection with a crime.

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The drug items were found during a search warrant after Smith was taken into custody on March 14.

When sentencing, Judge Michael Burnett considered Smith’s young age and lack of any criminal history.

Judge Burnett said during the police interview Smith was said to be tearful and expressing regret.

He noted Smith had issues with drugs and had been using drugs at the time of the offence.

Smith was sentenced to three-and-a-half years’ imprisonment, suspended after 236 days already served in pre-sentence custody.

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