Man freed from jail today after stabbing woman’s head

A GLADSTONE man who stabbed a woman several times and threatened to “rearrange” her face will be released from jail today.

Michael Shane Williams, 45 has spent the past 278 days behind bars for his offending in December 2018 when, in a prolonged episode of drunken fury he assaulted his former partner and killed her pet bird.

Williams pleaded guilty in the District Court at Gladstone on Thursday to four charges; two count of breaching a domestic violence order, one of wilful damage and assault occasioning bodily harm while armed.

The court was told on December 7, 2018 Williams had been violent towards the woman for most of the day — throwing her against walls, the floor and pushing her around.

He also smashed his fist into walls of the house and damaged various other items.

Williams threw both his phone and hers over the balcony told the woman if she went to police he would “rearrange” her face or kill her.

Early the next morning the woman was sitting at an outdoor setting when Williams approached her while holding a knife.

“This is what it feels like to be stabbed,” he said, before stabbing her three times; once in the head and twice in her arm.

Williams picked up the woman’s bird cage with her pet budgie still inside and threw it across the room.

The court was told the bird later died.

The woman was lying on the floor when Williams kicked her three times and left.

The court was told the woman had to have staples in her scalp and her arm glued.

Defence barrister Scott Moon said Williams was raised by an alcoholic who beat him as a child.

Mr Moon said Williams had become the man he hated most.

“When he is sober he is a very different man,” Mr Moon said.

Judge Vicki Loury said Williams was a middle-aged man who needed to stop blaming his actions on his childhood.

She sentenced Williams to serve 2.5 years’ jail with parole release today (September 13).

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