‘Fake ASIO spy’ charged with child rape breaches bail

A FORMER pizza delivery driver, who allegedly pretended to be an ASIO spy while grooming children for sexual acts, has been barred from using social media while on bail.

The 20-year-old, who was originally charged with 81 offences, including child rape and making a written threat to murder a child, was back in court today on 19 extra charges.

He pleaded guilty to breaching bail, by contacting people under the age of 18 and a particular person he was barred from contacting, by posting a photo on Snapchat.

The magistrate convicted but did not punish the man, after hearing that he had been in custody for almost five days since being arrested on Friday for the bail breach.

The prosecutor said the man had made indirect contact by posting a sunset photo, but his social media activity had upset a person he was barred from contacting.

The magistrate accepted it was a technical bail breach but imposed a new condition that he not access Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, as well as 16 other extra electronic monitoring conditions.

The 20-year-old is facing 100 charges, committed over three years, including the rape of a girl, 13, making a written threat to murder a child and taking a child for immoral purposes.

Other charges include sexual assault, indecent treatment of children, attempting to procure a sexual act by threat or intimidation and involving children in making child exploitation material.

The man also faces charges of administering drugs for the purpose of a sexual act, aggravated supply of drugs to a minor, child grooming, making threats and stalking.

The man is alleged to have plied children with alcohol or drugs before committing offences against them.

The man convinced a boy that he was training him to become an ASIO spy, giving him a military knife and telling him he had previously killed someone with a knife, police allege.

He allegedly allowed one child victim of indecent treatment, then 13 and 14, to drive his vehicles, telling him it was part of the recruitment process for ASIO.

Police will allege the man took over the Instagram account of one child, posting homosexual pornography on it.

It will be alleged when the boy's adult brother intervened, the man threatened to shoot him.

The man also is charged with stalking the mother of three alleged victims.

The man groomed one boy, 13, he is charged with indecently treating, giving him a mobile phone and a mountain bike, police will allege.

At a previous bail application, a police prosecutor said the alleged child victims were aged between 13 and 16 and the offences were committed between 2015 and October 24.

On October 30, the man was released on bail on numerous conditions.

He has to live with his mother, under a 24-hour curfew, wearing an electronic tracking device.

He cannot use drugs or drive, he has to report to police three times a week and submit to random breath tests and cannot contact anyone under 18.

Defence lawyer Remy Kurz said the man, who had an acquired brain injury, would enter into a treatment facility today, after being fitted with an electronic monitoring device.

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