GOOD NEWS: Maleny Dairies co-owner Ross Hopper says business is going well.
GOOD NEWS: Maleny Dairies co-owner Ross Hopper says business is going well. Nicky Moffat

Maleny Dairies goes from strength to strength

MALENY Dairies is one of the great success stories of the Queensland dairy industry and the business is going from strength to strength, its sales increasing by almost 70% in the past month.

While the news for much of the country's dairy farmers has not been good in recent weeks, Maleny Dairies is definitely doing something right.

The following report is what they posted to their Facebook followers this week. It is a great and positive read:

It has been nine days since the last major business update to you from Maleny Dairies. What a nine days it has been. We promised increased traceability around our operations as you continued to buy our yoghurt, custard and milk.

This is the beginning of the fourth week in spiked sales.

First week sales jumped 10%.

Second week jumped 13% on top of the 10%.

Last week sales was a staggering 34% bigger again.

In other words sales are about 66% bigger!

We here at Maleny Dairies have said from the start that it doesn't matter if these sales are a one-off or permanent. We thank you as do our farmers.

As a direct result of your efforts to buy our products we can inform you that we are talking to two new farming families.

One family will return to Dairy Farming in the Mary Valley. A property previously closed and sold. They are going to start tentatively on July 1. They are very excited and so are we. We are taking a bit of a risk that these sales are going to stay, but we believe...we always have! The second farm is a definite maybe because the worse thing we can do to a farming family is to take them on and then drop them later because we got the numbers wrong. A false dawn. So we have started talking and we will wait and see.

We are slow to take on new farms because we now guarantee two things.

1. Once with us we won't drop them over our company's net profit.

2. We guarantee their base price for milk and that once set that price never goes backwards.

These two guarantees give farming families certainty. We know that our prices are setting the benchmark and we would like you to know that we are committed to making them higher. Our current farmers are very excited about the milk being sold. Should these wonderful sales continue we believe we can put ourselves in a position to also pay our current farmers more. But right now we are concentrating on getting the timing right to bring on more farming families to match these sales.

We will provide you with more information on our progress in the coming weeks. You are all making a massive difference. If sales stay at this level we estimate we need 3 more farms. This is just unheard of in our industry. Dairy Farming is unbelievably hard, it really is. We can pass on to you one more important thing on this post. Our farmers are ending their day with a bit of a tired smile on their face. We think that's pretty special. We think you, our customers who have made this happen, are pretty special too.

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