Make visiting family regularly a priority

WELL, here we go. Today is the day when I surprise a very special member of my family in Sydney.

I'm flying down to the big southern harbour city to surprise my little sister before she goes in for major reconstructive surgery in three weeks.

She's been battling that breast cancer beast for the past two years, and is all set to go for the next phase, not an easy one at that.

I wasn't sure if this was something I wanted to do as I'll be catching up with family at Christmas time, but I thought a couple of weeks ago, "what the heck!", so I booked flights.

My major dilemma lately has been whether or not to tell her that I'm coming down, so I've kept that all secret until I rock up to her doorstep in a couple of hours' time.

I haven't even told my parents that I'm coming either so this could go very pear shaped very quickly, or it could go very well.

I haven't seen my family since Christmas last year since they all moved back down south, so it's been a weird six months for me.

Maybe you have family that live close by and you visit regularly, which is wonderful, but I suppose you can sometimes forget and not make the effort.

Please try and change that if you can, because family is everything to me and it should be to you too.

I'm just imagining what reaction I'm going to get from Katriona when I knock on her front door.

It's going to be either an expletive or a question relating to why I'm there, perhaps a question about if I'm there to watch my mighty Roosters play.

Who knows, it may even be tears if she is happy to see me.

I just don't know but I'm guessing I'll find out shortly.

Don't get me started on my mother who I know will shed a little tear to see her favourite better-looking eldest son, that's until I ask what's for dinner.

In all seriousness, I'm looking forward to seeing them all and having a break away from the microphone for a few days before I head up to see my kids and celebrate my son's 12th birthday.

I can't wait as there is plenty to be happy about.

The Roosters winning the NRL competition would just top it all off.

Have fun, Rob.

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