Fishers should make the most of drop in wind this weekend

HANDS up how many of you who are saying, "I wish this weather would bugger off!"

Well, unfortunately, late January and right through February is basically the wet season where the monsoonal trough drops right down, sucking in the moist air from the southeast, and as the isobars get closer together, the wind picks up.

To be honest I believe that this region has dodged a bullet with that last cyclone, which cruised down to our latitude, and then went back up north and out to sea further, before heading back down aiming straight at our cuzzies across the ditch.

That one could very well have turned up here.

There are other little lows, which generate in the Gulf then cross the coast, and head out into the Coral Sea intensifying over the tropical waters.

Those are the ones to keep an eye on too, but the mother of them all, being Yasi, started up just to the west of Fiji, and came this way through the Solomon Islands, and straight at North Queensland. We all know what happened there.

The reason why I am talking about this is because to the newcomer to this region, this weather will drive you nuts if you want to go fishing.

But to be honest this time of the year you get little windows of opportunity, like this Sunday as the wind is forecast to drop to 10-15 knots for the first time in three weeks.

But it is only in the morning and there will be storms about so you need to be careful whatever you do.

There are plenty of spots around her close to shore and in protected or sheltered areas where you can have some of the best fishing this planet has to offer.

We are very blessed with having so many big barra over a metre in length, which can be caught off the bank in the Calliope, or Boyne Rivers, or a five-minute run across the shipping channel, in the harbour to Tide Island, Hamilton Point, or up Graham's Creek, Rawbelle, and Hobble gully.

In these spots you can chase fingermark perch, mangrove jack, thread fin or king salmon, bream, and obviously big barra.

A couple of weeks ago we showed you Zac Price's monster jewie he caught in the harbour and they are still there because Johnny Mitchell boated one for a client a week or so back as well.

That forecast break in the wind will be short-lived as it comes back up to the 20-30 knot easterly range on Monday so best to get out and set the pots over the weekend but retrieve them again on Sunday evening.

Finally, it's nearly Boyne Tannum HookUp time, and shortly that's all you'll be talking about.

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