Maddison Avice has been granted bail.
Maddison Avice has been granted bail.

Magistrate’s advice: ‘Get your head out of your a--e’

A FORMER Justice Department employee on drug charges was told to get her "head out of her arse" by a straight talking Brisbane magistrate.

Maddison Avice, 29, appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court today charged with six offences, including possessing drugs, tainted property and a knife.

During her bail application, Magistrate Zac Sarra listed Avice's 12 previous court appearances on other charges since March last year.

He questioned whether there had been any deterrent when Avice was previously given 75 hours' community service and 12 months' probation, with no convictions recorded.

Relating some of the troubles Avice had faced, her lawyer said at the end of 2018, her partner had taken her son, four, to New Zealand and she had not seen him since.

He said Avice had been a public servant for 10 years, before her Justice Department job at the Office of Fair Trading was terminated in February.

"You can't have people working for the Justice Department who are whacked out on drugs," Mr Sarra said.

"She doesn't set a good example. I can understand why she is no longer employed.

"It's just another example of where her life turned to s--t

"She had a good job, she had a family, a son and now there are a number of charges before a criminal court alleging drug offences."

Mr Sarra said a report on her community service said Avice had consistently denied she was still using drugs and she had resisted doing any formal drug treatment.

The court heard she also had failed to attend community service six times, she had only served 16 of the court-ordered 75 hours of community service and she was still on probation.

Avice, who cried and pleaded with Mr Sarra to grant her a chance on bail, had been in the Watchhouse since 2am on Friday.

"You can't cop two days in the Watchhouse. You wait until you do three months or six months ... that's when you start to appreciate how important your freedom is," Mr Sarra told Avice.

"You need to get your head out of your arse and focus."

Mr Sarra said members of the public had to be protected from people who wantonly committed crimes.

When Mr Sarra asked Avice if she was "fair dinkum" about complying with bail conditions, she said: "One hundred per cent. I don't want to do the wrong thing anymore."

Mr Sarra granted her bail on condition she report to police daily.

He told her to get her head back in the game, get her arse back to probation and get into drug rehabilitation.

"You can deny it all you like, but you have an issue with drugs," the magistrate told Avice.

Originally published as Magistrate's advice: 'Get your head out of your a--e'

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