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Lower prices of diesel has petrol station trade booming

COL Taylor laughs when you ask him why his BP service station at Boyne Island has been suddenly flooded with customers again.

Yesterday, the price of diesel at his service station was 15 cents lower than the average across Gladstone; it's the same business model he has been using for 19 years.

In 12 months his price of diesel there has dropped from 120.9 to 101.9 cents, as a result of the reducing Australia dollar and price of oil.

"The prices are slowly coming down," Col explains.

"We are selling more diesel and have been getting a lot more diesel vehicles stopping here.

"But for me nothing has changed.

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"It's just happening again. Some customers are shocked when they see my prices but I'm still making money.

"Customers are happy with the prices and I'm happy."

Tannum Sands neighbours Clare Bond and Tony Paulsen have been regular customers of Col's for about 30 years.

Yesterday, they stood at the bowser talking about fuel prices for more than 15 minutes.

"This is the only (service station) that I use in Gladstone," Clare said.

"What's going on in Gladstone with prices.... (service stations owners) should pull their heads in."

Clare drives a lot; she has done more than 70,000km in two years and keeps a close eye on fuel prices around the state.

"I've got kids all around the place and have to go around Queensland to see them," she said.

"I was sent a picture from one today showing the price of diesel in Ayr is 99 cents. If they can do that in Ayr they can do that in Gladstone."

Tony's loyalty shows through; he says he doesn't even bother looking at other service stations, or the price.

"The fuel is good quality there."

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