Lover kicks young mother six times, spits on her

A MAGISTRATE has slammed a boyfriend's ugly assault on his lover in which he kicked the young mother six times, spat, grabbing her throat and pinching her windpipe as "thuggery, a disgusting and cowardly attack".

Magistrate Jeffrey Clarke told the Gladstone man, 25, he seriously considered sending him to jail for his attack.

The man claimed to police he had blacked out and did not recall.

Prosecutor Gavin Reece told Gladstone Magistrates Court that when police were called to the house the woman was seen holding her baby and the man aggressive and yelling.

"He says to the police to take him away. He had to be restrained and put in the pod (of the police van)," Mr Reece said.

"He says he blacked out and can't remember a thing.

"The woman had red marks on her neck and she told police that when he returned home after being out all night he grabbed her around the neck.

"He kicked in a bedroom door and kicks her six times to her right thing and pins her to the bed, calling her a f***ing s**t. She felt spittle in her hair and told him to get out."

Mr Reece said police saw red marks on her thigh where the man had been kicking her. Drug utensils, bong and grinder were found on the floor.

"He says he smokes cannabis every night and the bong was his," he said.

The man pleaded guilty to contravening a Domestic Violence Order on March 12; and a police order to provide identification.

Mr Clarke asked if he was still smoking cannabis and what he was doing to help his mental health problems.

Lawyer Jun Pepito said the man, a father of two, had issues with mental health/depression and was seeing a health case worker and attending ATODS (Alcohol Tobacco Other Drugs Service).

"He needs to essentially pull himself together, support his family. He recognises what he did was wrong," Mr Pepito said.

Mr Clarke told the man he should see a GP about the detrimental effects cannabis has on mental health issues.

He said the man pinched the woman's windpipe, pinned her against a wall, threw her to the floor before kicking her thigh six times.

And while yelling at her, spittle came from his mouth and into her hair.

"It is thuggery by you. You are supposed to provide a secure and safe home environment to your children. Children pick up on that (violent behaviour), "Mr Clarke said.

"My intention was to jail you. You have one chance only.

"At 25 you must take a hard look at yourself, and grow up quickly."

Sentencing him to three years supervised Probation with random urine drug tests, Mr Clarke warned: "If you don't comply with the Probation Order you can expect to go to prison. Your bad behaviour simply has to stop."

*For 24-hour support in Queensland phone DVConnect on 1800 811 811, MensLine on 1800 600 636 or the national hotline 1800RESPECT  on 1800 737 732.

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