Gladstone lover attacks girlfriend with music player

JUST months into a new relationship a Gladstone man's new girlfriend was suffering nasty attacks from her lover.

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But the fledgling romance was shattered the day the 22-year-old struck her with a music player and pulled her hair. Bruised and hurting following three days of violent incidents she went to police.

Charged with three assaults causing bodily harm, her former lover went before Gladstone Magistrates Court where "jealousy" and his indulgence in alcohol were blamed.

However, the young man did earn some credit from magistrate Jeffrey Clarke with his shame, frankness and insight over his "disgraceful behaviour", and by the way he had taken the initiative to get himself help.

Lawyer Jun Pepito said he was now attending Relationships Australia and getting alcohol counselling.

The man pleaded guilty to committing the Domestic Violence offences on January 28, 30, and 31.


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Police prosecutor Gavin Reece said the pair had been going out for three months when the woman arrived went to Gladstone police station at 8pm on January 31 to report the violence.

She told police they had been in bed around between midnight and 1.30am when the man began mumbling under his breath.

Mr Reece said that as she walked away to the bedroom door she felt sharp pain to her left side as if struck, then a pedestal fan hit her feet.

"He picks up a music player and hits her on the left side, her ribs," he said.

"He forcefully pushes her head into a door and she feels strong pain."

Queried by Mr Clarke about the music player, Mr Reece said it was a hand held music box.

In other incidents the woman was sitting on a bed when the man confronted her, abusing her with offensive words.

When she stood up saying she had not done anything the boyfriend pushed her over and she hurt her leg.

Another violent incident happened when his bad behaviour caused her to text a friend to come and get her.

He reacted by grabbing her hair and landing a series of punches to the back of her head but stopped punching when people arrived.

She suffered a cut to the forehead and a large lump to the back of her head.

Mr Pepito said the man got jealous after wrongly misinterpreting a text on her phone as infidelity.

"Instead of asking her he used alcohol to give him courage to confront her, essentially binge drinking," Mr Pepito said.

Mr Clarke said often men in his position would lie to police but he did not.

"It was disgraceful the way you conducted yourself to this young woman," he said.

"There is no place for it. It must simply stop."

He sentenced the man to two years supervised probation and ordered he do 120 hours of unpaid community service work.

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