Popular Gladstone Harbour Festival parade gets the axe

THIS year's Gladstone Harbour Festival will not feature the ever-popular street parade.

A Gladstone Festivals and Events spokeswoman said withdrawal of Rio Tinto sponsorship, along with major changes to State Government requirements for road closures, and costs associated with those regulations by having to employ licensed traffic management personnel forced the organisation to drop the event.

"After exhaustive efforts from both ourselves and the Gladstone Midday Rotary Club and months of negotiations, the event is not financially or physically viable," she said

"It's disappointing for the local community to have this event not go ahead, as a lot of families, businesses and organisations look forward to the parade each year. However, the parade not only relies on community support and involvement but also sponsorship to cover the cost of running such an event.

"The cost and logistics of implementing the new traffic management plan, is the overriding factor that prohibits us from running the event this year. We are hopeful the parade may return in the future."

On a brighter note, the 2014 festival is ramping up with numerous opportunities for members of the community to become involved; such as the NRG Great Raft Race, Queen quests and GLNG and ZINC's talent quest and battle of the bands.

Application forms for these events can be found at gladstonefestival.com.

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