Losing the beards

AFTER more than 10 years of touring and agitating through song for a world full of facial hair, The Beards are finally calling it quits.

The Australian comedy rock group, which since 2005 has released five albums and cracked the Triple J Hottest 100, will perform in Airlie Beach this month as part of its national farewell tour.

Pulse spoke to Joel McMillan - or Johann Beardmann as he's known on stage - ahead of the show.

Why are The Beards disbanding?

We just feel that music is all well and good but it's really just getting in the way of our beards. I think we just need more time to focus on our beards.

We'd been doing it for a while and it was just time. We either needed a decent break or, what we decided was to put a full stop on the touring life of the band and go out with a bang.

Are you working on any other music projects?

Not really. I'd be concerned about doing anything that wasn't beard-related, I think there'd be a backlash from the bearded community.

So far on the farewell tour, what percentage of your audiences have been bearded?

It's been big. We found that every tour that we do there's been a bigger and bigger beard to non-beard ratio. This tour has been right up there.

We've trained our audiences to bring the best beards to the front. All the beards in the crowd will automatically gravitate to the front of the room. All we can really see is beards. The beardless will take their rightful place at the back.

Have you spent a lot of time preparing your own beards?

We do spend a fair bit of time on main- tenance. I don't tend to spend a lot of time with product, I keep it natural. Other guys in the band are really into their beard oils and beard balms. In our career we've got pretty good at having great beards.

How did The Beards form?

We formed because we felt there was a real need in the community to champion the cause of the bearded. It was 2005 when we formed, it was quite a beardless time. We all had beards and we noticed not many people had beards. We started singing songs about beards.

It's caught on, and people got behind our message and started growing beards. Now we feel that beards have really been elevated in society. (We take) full credit for all of that, that was us.


See them live

When: Friday, May 13 from 8pm.


Where: Magnums Hotel, Airlie Beach.


Tickets: $34 at

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