Lose your woman, win $30 million

THE world divides into those who are lucky, and those who aren't.

Take Kerry Graves, for example. She's been labelled Britain's unluckiest woman. After 14 years with truck driver Matthew Breach, Kerry dumped him for being too dull.

Matthew was upset to lose his childhood sweetheart, but within a few weeks he found something to put a smile back on his face - a $30 million lottery win.

That's life Kerry, sometimes it pays to be patient.

While we're on the subjects of bad luck and excitement it's worth considering the lot of Keleigh Townsend. She was quietly minding her own business in her Mississippi apartment when a naked man fell through her ceiling.

He asked for some clothing and when she refused he grabbed a coat off a hook and ran out the front door. It turns out he was a fugitive who was hiding in the crawl space above Keleigh's pad.

Unfortunately, he was a tad too heavy. Police captured him and now he's been charged with malicious mischief, along with the drugs offences he was on the run from.

Staying in America, three prison inmates and their families have been charged with smuggling drugs into a jail in New Jersey on the pages of a children's colouring book.

The drug, suboxone, normally used to treat heroin addicts, was apparently dissolved into a paste and painted into the book.

Ingenious coves, drug addicts, but the authorities are coming to terms with their inventiveness. Eleven were arrested recently in Pennsylvania for hiding suboxone beneath postage stamps on letters mailed to prisoners by their families.

Remember the school trip?

A group of 12-year-old pupils from Groningen in Holland will never forget their latest foray from the classroom - one of the students had a baby.

The young girl was out with her classmates when she began to feel violent stomach pains and when ambulance staff arrived she was on the point of giving birth. Mother and bub are reportedly doing well.

And finally, back to Britain where the Ministry of Defence has put the aircraft carrier Ark Royal up for sale on the internet.

The ship, the largest in the Royal Navy fleet until it was taken out of service earlier this year, is described as being in good condition.

Potential buyers must satisfy the Defence Ministry they will use it wisely.

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