Looking for a money pit? Try owning a car

I HATE cars. I know it's a strong statement to make but I really do hate them.

They may be nice and all, getting us round each day from point A to point B, but really they are just an open hole into which to throw money.

Over the past few weeks, I've been having some issues with my little black Barina - like a little oil leak here, a gasket replaced there, a seal crack, and now the bloody clutch has decided to pack it in!

I just wish this little piece of machinery could have a voice and tell you exactly what's wrong with it and how much it will cost to fix it, there and then.

None of this waiting to wonder and then asking your mechanic to get a price together and then falling off your chair with disbelief at the amount.

In some ways, I'm very lucky, as the mechanic I use is a great bloke, doesn't talk crap language I don't understand and he tells me straight out what the damage is, which I am really appreciative of.

Unfortunately, my bank account doesn't see it the same way, we're having arguments about it, as we speak.

You know the feeling, just when you think you're on top of everything - bam, there it goes again.

The latest lot of repairs will put me back some serious coin but I do know that without the car I am quite literally stuffed.

Sure, I could ride my bike to work as the weather is really great at this time of the year, but unfortunately I can't ride the 500km on my bike to see my kids.

That wouldn't be a pleasant experience for me, the kids or the bike seat, I can tell you.

So, here's a message for all those who've driven to work this morning, or perhaps are about to jump into their trusted people mover.

Talk nicely to this machine or it may just lie down and die on the way to something very important, like taking the kids to school.

Actually scrub that, if it dies when that happens, you get a cab and let the kids walk the rest of the way. Sorted!

As you were, crisis averted.

Now where is my credit card? I've just got another bill in the mailbox.

Great, just what I needed. Anyone got a lighter?

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