Desexing and vaccinating is the best thing for your best mate.
Desexing and vaccinating is the best thing for your best mate. Submitted

Look after your mate

MONDAY’S recent wild dog attack on toy poodle Ruffy has all pet owners on alert for keeping their dog safe.

Your dog in particular is probably regarded as a member of your family and one of your best mates. So looking after them is just more that feeding and washing them.

Veterinary surgeon Andrew Ward of Gladstone Veterinary Clinic is a firm believer in looking after your dog and not taking any chances.

“Desexing and vaccinating your dog will definitely increase its life span,” he said.

“By desexing your dog, you’re not just eliminating the risk of unwanted puppies, but you are also reducing the risk of cancer in your dog too,” he added.

Male dogs have been known to escape the most secure yard in search of a female on heat.

“Male dogs are known to become aggressive around a female on heat. But the same can be said for an opposing female. Often a roaming male is in search of a female on heat,” Dr Ward said.

Gender behaviour is not limited to a single breed. The common myth of the rottweiler being the most aggressive breed is most false. Statistics show that one particular breed is no different to the other. All dogs’ behaviour depends on how it is treated, not just on its sexual behaviour. A mistreated animal often turns on a smaller being, be it a smaller dog or even a child.

Despite the need to neuter dogs in order to prevent unwanted puppies, there are still more puppies than homes.

Every year, more than 100,000 dogs and puppies are abandoned or surrendered to shelters across Australia.

“Unwanted puppies are frequent in any suburban area, but it unfortunate that people don’t want to look after them,” Dr Ward said.

Vaccination is equally important for prolonging your dog’s life span with your family.

Central Queensland and Gladstone in particular is a prime area for dogs to contract the Parvo virus.

Though the virus causes diarrhoea and vomiting in older dogs, in puppies it is lethal.

“If your puppy has the Parvo virus and you do get it treated, there is no guarantee it will survive. It is a main cause of deaths in puppies in this area,” Dr Ward said.

Walking your dog on a tight leash and microchipping your dog will ensure that if your dog is lost, your four-legged family member can be returned to you. Registering your dog with council will also add benefit if they escape or get themselves lost. If your dog is lost, or you are interested in adopting a dog, contact Gladstone Regional Council on 4970 0700 as soon as possible.

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