Long nights with Ita leads to discoveries in the studio

YOU know that feeling you get after you pull an all-nighter in the radio studio talking about cyclones and rain?

That feeling you get when you've consumed a few different cups of Nescafe 43 blend through the night?

That flow through your body after you look at the clock and realise you've been in the studio with one window, for 30 hours straight?

Well that was me on Sunday and Monday and I can tell you I loved every second of it.

Sure I got the info on the radio and all over social media, but what I also got was how much I'm not a fan of hearing the word Ita anymore.

I used to love hearing Jimmy sing about Ita, but not so much now, after hearing her name mentioned for over 80 different bureau updates over the week.

She probably is a nice cyclone, although I didn't get up close and personal like my friends in far north Queensland, but that's OK.

They can do that stuff, as long as when they come down this far they are well out to sea, playing havoc with someone else.

The best part of spending so long in the studio by yourself, you get to learn a lot.

I learnt the following - the boss has a secret stash of alcohol in her locked office.

A couple of things with this would have to be: 1 It's not secret anymore, and 2 The door isn't locked anymore.

I learnt there is a huge stash of lollies in the boardroom.

It's so big a dozen cats could sleep in the container they're in - it's that big!

I also learnt that you shouldn't make any more than one coffee at a time as they go cold quickly in the air-conditioning.

I also learnt that when listeners bring food to the studio at all hours of the night, you must first answer the door with a greeting and a smile, otherwise they'll leave it on the back steps to get saturated before anyone realises the food is there.

There are plenty of things I learnt from this latest period of weather watching.

We are very lucky to live here.

Absolutely lucky to live in an area that doesn't normally get hit with storms like FNQ.

We should be thankful.

So, with that said, and after spending last night at the harbour festival, I'm off to bed for some shut eye before we do it all again tonight with the talent quest and bands show.

See you there!

Thank you CQ!

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