Home and Away takes the River Boys to London

LONDON is calling for Home and Away's River Boys.

But for Lincoln Younes, who plays the youngest Braxton brother, Casey, the UK capital's call has been going out for three years.

"When I auditioned for the show, I had every intention of going to London," he told The Guide.

"The thing that stopped me was getting the role, so it's serendipitous that three years on the show actually took me there."

Monday's episode will see the three brothers - Brax, Heath and Casey - fly to London.

Eldest brother Brax is chasing Ricky, who has flown halfway around the world for a photography job, while Heath is trying to win back a heartbroken Bianca, who flew off with Ricky in the hope of escaping Heath's infidelity.

Casey is simply along for the ride, or so it seems.

"It comes out of the blue. Brax basically says, 'You're coming with us to London', and of course he doesn't argue," Younes said.

"He goes along having no idea why he's there. He's just happy to go and make the most of it."

That happy-go-lucky attitude will see him have a holiday fling with a British girl.

"I think after all the drama and tragedy that went on with Tamara, definitely something he needs is a much lighter, much happier kind of fling," he said.

But there's a more serious reason why Brax insists that Casey comes along on the overseas adventure, as revealed on Tuesday night.

"Brax learns a life-changing secret about Casey, and to shield him from that a bit he takes him to London so he can keep an eye on him," he said.

Younes was surprised about the lengths British fans went to in order to see the cast while they were filming in London.

"Towards the end of the week, once a few more people caught on that we were over there filming, we had people camping outside the hotel. That was pretty funny. They'd be there in the morning when I left and they'd be there when I got back in the evening. They were pretty dedicated."

Home and Away - Seven - Monday to Thursday at 7pm

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