Boyne Valley gold mine set to restart this year

GOLD mining is expected to resume at the Norton Gold Mine in the Boyne Valley this year.

Mantle Mining Corp Ltd anticipates resurrecting the mine's operations, which were suspended in 2006.

The mine had produced more than 17,000 ounces of gold since it opened in the late 19th Century.

The company bought the mine from Norton Gold Fields in 2013 after a report by Snowden Mining Consultants in 2012 stated gold reserves were "high grade but small and probably would not justify the cost of starting up a mining operation".

Norton Gold Fields managing director Terry Moylan said Mantle Mining was in a better position to profit from the mine.

"The project was too small for us in the end and these guys are just a small project. It should be a good pairing," he said.

Managing director Ian Kraemer said he understood the Boyne Valley population had dropped since the gold mines had closed nine years ago.

"We understand the local story and recognise everyone involved is excited about the opportunity," he said.

"We have to go through a redesign and exploration before the mine becomes operational."

Grand Hotel Many Peaks owner Wayne Barker said the people from the Boyne Valley would welcome a reopening of the mine.

"I think it's wonderful for the Valley to generate some business down here," he said.

"Anything the Valley can do to draw some interest is a positive thing."

Resident Jack Viljon said it would be a catch-22 for the Valley if production started.

"It might sound a little selfish, but it might ruin the tranquillity of the area with big trucks driving through the Valley," he said.

"But it could also help create some infrastructure we have been after for a while."

Mantle Mining recently placed a new crusher on the site.

History of Norton Gold Field

WHEN it was proclaimed in 1879, the Norton Gold Field was known as the Milton Gold Field. It was at that time the Norton township was created.

The township consisted of a police station, School of Arts, two hotels and a brick furnace.

About 16,000oz of gold was produced from underground workings up until 1900. Open-cut mining in the 1900s produced 1285 oz of gold.

From November 2005 until October 2006, ore from the Norton mine was toll-treated at a plant in Gympie.

The operation was suspended due to issues at the plant that has since closed.

In March 2013 the mine was sold by Norton Gold Fields Limited to Manning Mining from Toowong in Brisbane.

In 2014 Manning Mining did initial tests and found 9g of gold per tonne of material.

The company hopes to begin production of the mine in the first half of this year.

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