Astrid Allison Justamumento Photography

Local snapper spots jabirus for stunning photograph

A VISIT by two jabiru birds rarely seen in the Gladstone area provided a thrill for a Gladstone photographer on Wednesday.

Astrid Allison, of JustaMumento Photography and Videography, was driving to Rockhampton with her husband when she spotted the birds.

The black-necked storks - known in Australia as jabirus - were strolling across the mudflats opposite Orica about 9.30am.


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 "I was lucky my hubby stopped. He doesn't have the photography bug like me," Ms Allison laughed.

"Sometimes fate just has to step in."

She said the birds were almost as tall as herself.

She has lived in Gladstone for 30 years and has never seen that species of bird, nor has her husband, who was born and bred in Gladstone.

The birds are generally found near Onslow, Western Australia, across northern Australia to north-eastern New South Wales.

Ms Allison had a 300mm zoom lens to capture her spectacular shot, but the birds were still quite a distance from the road.

"If I'd had the right shoes I would've walked in the mud to get closer," she said.

"We very rarely see the water that high. I think that's why they were there. The tide was quite high.

"They're very shy birds though. They were walking away as I got closer."

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