Local personal trainer's top tips to get that summer body ready

Cassie Miller had some great advice on how to get that summer body.
Cassie Miller had some great advice on how to get that summer body. Mike Richards GLA171016FITNESS

IF YOU'VE spent the cooler months packing on a few extra kilos, now is the time to get back into shape and forge that summer body for the beach.

Although Calliope's Urban Fitness personal trainer Cassy Miller said the best summer bodies were "made in the winter”, there's still plenty of time before you start pulling out your bikinis and boardies every weekend.

She said women were generally after a flat stomach, slender and toned arms and thighs and "growing the peach” or firming up your butt.

Here are Ms Miller's top tips for getting a summer body,

Make the decision - If you don't take the first step it will never happen.

Making the commitment - Commit to what you're willing to do.

Set goals - But don't focus on numbers.

Find an accountability buddy - You will be more likely to commit.

Look at your diet - Ask yourself what you can remove from your diet.

Get a program - Speak to a personal trainer.

Work on getting quality sleep

Start out with body weights - do push ups, pull ups, dips, squats... the list is endless.

Don't quit

Ms Miller said if you're looking for a summer body, resistance or weight training was better than cardio.

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