Member for Gladstone Liz Cunningham has paid tribute to the late Cyril Golding in state parliament.
Member for Gladstone Liz Cunningham has paid tribute to the late Cyril Golding in state parliament. The Observer Archives

Local member pays tribute to Cyril Golding in parliament

CYRIL Golding was commemorated in state parliament on Thursday, with Member for Gladstone Liz Cunningham giving a speech to members of parliament.

Mrs Cunningham spoke about Mr Golding's early life and business ventures.

The state member also read a prayer from the funeral and sent blessings to Mr Golding's family.

Hansard transcript of Mrs Cunningham's speech:

Mrs CUNNINGHAM (Gladstone-Ind) (10.05 pm): Our community will miss a wonderful man, Cyril Edward Golding, who left this world on November 4 and was farewelled last Tuesday by family and friends.

Cyril commenced his working life working for his father in a logging business. He bought a truck and as a sole operator commenced work in 1942.

That business grew and when he sold the business in early 2008 he employed some 1750 people.

With that first truck that he purchased he snigged logs for his dad and he bought a dozer so it could help in that business.

As I said, he grew that business for many years. He was known for his quality work. His word was his bond.

It is my understanding that in 67 years of business he never had litigation, he always settled whether he was in the right or not.

In 1970 one of his sons, Neil Golding, joined the business and as a 18-year-old and he continued working alongside his dad. Neil moved into management and worked with Cyril until the business was sold in early 2008.

As late as a bit over two years ago Cyril was still going into the Golding office.

It was said at his funeral that he would get a cup of tea and go and talk to all of the staff and say, 'Hello', and, 'How are you?', and catch up on their family news.

One of the prayers at his funeral was: We thank God for Cyril who chose to live the word of God. He developed as a leader and exemplified to the Gladstone community his characteristic compassion and generosity of spirit.

 He set the foundation for this community and beyond. Cyril valued each person. He had no respect for rank, class, background or wealth.

Cyril, supported firstly by his wife Adelaide and after Adelaide passed away he married Shirley, connected with others.

Cyril connected with fellow plane travellers right through to political leaders. He was able to reach out into every area of community life in Gladstone and he helped those in need.

We thank God for Cyril who freely gave of his time, his business knowledge, his skills and wealth to all and we thank God for his honesty, kindness and generosity. His friendship was a source of strength to everyone.

Our thoughts go to his wife Shirley, his children Sandra, Russell and Neil and their extended families. Cyril had a special place in our community.

He was quick to pass on his knowledge, his encouragement and his generosity to anyone who needed it. Cyril, your life touched so many and you will be greatly missed.

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