Calliope park renamed in honour of Liz Cunningham

GLADSTONE Regional Council decided on Tuesday to name the new sporting complex being built in Calliope Liz Cunningham Park.

A concept plan for redevelopment of the site currently known as Pound Paddock, on Racecourse Rd, into a multi-use sporting park was approved by the council last month.

Local sporting clubs, including Calliope and District Football Club, have welcomed the redevelopment.

The new multi-use park is expected to take about two years to redevelop, and will take pressure off the over-utilised Bunting Park area.

Deputy Mayor Matt Burnett said Mrs Cunningham has made a huge contribution to Calliope and the greater Gladstone region through her work as a Calliope Mayor and now as Gladstone's state member of parliament.

"Liz has been a stalwart to Gladstone and the Calliope region for so long," he said.

"We thought it was appropriate to name something in Calliope after Liz because she represents the whole of the Gladstone electorate."

Cr Burnett said the redeveloped sports park in Calliope would be the next "big thing" for the region.

Naming it after Mrs Cunningham would ensure the significance of her contribution lives on.

"It might not mean a lot now, but in 100 years' time, when Liz Cunningham and all of us are gone, and the park is amazing, everyone will know of it as a great place," he said.

Calliope sports player Shay Gilliland has a very different view.

"It should be called something more universal", she said, and suggested Calliope Sporting Complex.

"However, the main thing is that we need our own clubhouse and grounds we can call home."

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