Clinton FC's Samuel Roberts gets a pass way under heavy pressure from Central FC's Adam Eiseman.
Clinton FC's Samuel Roberts gets a pass way under heavy pressure from Central FC's Adam Eiseman.

LIVE UPDATES: What your club and it’s players are up to?

IT’S hard times that have never been experienced before.


Some even say the worldwide pandemic in the form of coronavirus or COVID-19 is worse, far worse, than what World War III would be.

It’s an invisible enemy and people’s health is first and foremost.

Closer to home, we give readers an insight on what clubs and individual athletes are doing to get them as best prepared to:

– keep coronavirus at bay

– maintain fitness they reached during preseason.

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 24, 2020, 8.45am


Gladstone Community Soccer Competition – GLADSTONE UNITED

United president Curtis Smith said it was an unfortunate time for sport and community as a whole that drastic measures have to take place.

“We are sad and disappointed that we can’t train together or socialise together as Gladstone United Football Club is so dedicated to being a family friendly club,” he said.

“We thrive on our social and family related activities and being part of the Central Queensland Football family.”

As per instructions from the Football Federation of Australia, Gladstone United Football Club has suspended all football related activities, including training, games, any fundraising activities.

Smith said players would be doing their own skills training by themselves.

“Each player is encouraged to continue their own training at home as much as possible,” he said.

“To kick a ball for half an hour every day makes a world of difference.

“We’re trying to create our own champion footballers, all from grassroots.”

UPDATED: Monday, March 23, 2020 5.45pm

Football Central Queensland Premier League – CLINTON

Clinton Premier League division one men’s coach Brad O’Sullivan said his players will be left to their own devices during this postponement period.

“Nothing has been given to the players at this stage and just leaving them concentrate on their own health and job situation,” a club spokesperson said.

“Very sad times.

“It’s surreal this is happening and we just have to ride it out, hope for the best possible outcome for people and enjoy everything about life when normality returns.”


BHP Premiership – CAPRAS

Capras women stars Chelsea Baker and Krystal Sulter will train in-house to keep fit.

“I myself will be doing the same drills and gym we have already been doing to get us in shape,” Sulter said.

With the COVID-19 enforced banning of all gym attendances, Sulter said she had an advantage.

“I live too far of town at Ubobo to go to gym, so I have equipment at home and no worries there,” she said.

“It’s hard to find motivation when you’re not with your team-mates but it’s up to you and how bad you want it.”

Baker added:

“Training will continue although it will be individual which will test everyone’s motivation and determination to stay in there. Now is also a great time to build strength and fitness, and to sort out any niggling injuries that have occurred during the first preseason.”

The Observer would love to do stories on athletes about what they are doing during this time and how they are maintaining their fitness.

Things like diet, increasing immunity, ball skills, individual programs, game strategy, online group chats with team members for ideas and moral team support.

Email or call Nick Kossatch on 49703059 to share your story.

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