JAMBIN grazier Geoff Maynard has a champion carcass.

And with a steer currently chowing its way through enough feed to gain 3.5 kilograms a day, Mr Maynard is hopeful he will leave the 2016 Callide Dawson Carcass Competition with the top prize again this year.

After Mr Maynard took out the 2015 competition with the champion carcass and most successful exhibitor prizes, the young steer is holding its weight in top position of 114 head at the half way mark of the 100-day competition.

But the secret to breeding a chubby steer lies in its genetics.

Mr Maynard said the average weight gain was between 2.2 and 2.4kg.

"This individual is doing 3.5kg so he is certainty got out of the blocks well and he is having a great start," he said.

"I think a lot of it is temperament and animals settling so he has quite a good temperament and the Senepol breed has quite a good temperament and when they are put into a new environment they tend to settle well, they go on the ration well and adjust to their environment and basically make the best of it.

"At the half way mark 3.5kg is quite high, we do expect the animals will taper off toward the end so that's the 50 day mark so come the 80 or 90 day mark animals start to lay down a bit of fat so their daily gain drops off a bit.

"He'll probably end up about 2.7 or 2.8kg a day over the 100 days."

The family is no stranger the to the local competition, having entered for the majority of the past 28 years but Mr Maynard said much of his luck was based on fortune.

"I think the competition is pretty tough," he said.

"To achieve those results is extremely tough so I'm not expecting that this year.

"Last year was a great year and you need a fair bit of luck and fortune to go your way as well I think."

Mr Maynard said the Callide Dawson Carcass Competition brought out the best in the region's graziers.

"There are record entries this year and last year was the same so the Callide Dawson Carcass Completion is certainty one of the largest in Australia certainly the largest in Northern Australia," he said.

"The entries over the last two of three years have been really solid and that's why you need a bit of luck and fortune to get up in the top prizes.

"It is certainly one that we target and the area it covers (has) a lot of cattlemen and very good cattle breeding and cattle fattening areas and it's a tough completion to win."

While it was not customary to name steers, Mr Maynard said he would reconsider if the steer came through with the goods.

"We'll probably come up with a good name afterwards if he does any good," he said.

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