LISTEN 'Your missus is dead': Gladstone woman's death threat

GLADSTONE woman Kelly Neuendorf, 21, never expected a purchase of car parts to end in police calls and death threats.

"You're missus is dead," is the message Ms Neuendorf's fiancé received on his phone last night followed by a mocking sound of loading a gun.

Ms Neuendorf said her troubles started after she and her fiancé bought car parts via Facebook through a local seller.

The purchase was successful and the couple formed a friendship with the seller, a Gladstone man, Ms Neuendorf claims.

However, she said the friendship quickly soured.

The couple had asked their new friend to help in the moving of a caravan they had purchased.

That same day on March 11, the seller of the caravan was at their front door accusing the couple of stealing his lawn mower.

Kelly Neuendorf was threatened with death.
Kelly Neuendorf was threatened with death.

"He told us (our friend) who helped us move the caravan told him that we had stolen his lawn mower," Ms Neuendorf.

"But we knew nothing about it, this man was so sure we had stolen it from what our friend had said," she said.

"We knew (our new friend) had a history with breaking the law and is well known in Gladstone for theft, so we told the man it must have been him who stole his lawn mower."

It was then the threats began.


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The next day Ms Neuendorf and her fiancé said they called police after receiving threatening phone calls on private numbers, text messages and a car repeatedly driving past their home with its occupant hurling threats and abuse at them.

However, Gladstone police said formal complaints regarding any threats made to the couple were yet to be made.

"In saying that, that doesn't mean they didn't call the station and speak to an officer," Sergeant Royce Devlin said.

"There's the possibility they spoke to someone at the station and were given specific advice, but did not make a formal complaint."

Ms Neuendorf claims the driver of the car which drove past their South Gladstone home multiple times was the brother of their former friend.

"We also saw (our former friend) sitting in the car.

"They drove past our house up to 10 times… But suddenly stopped at 9.30 pm that night."

When this stopped, Ms Neuendorf's partner rushed to the chemist to get his asthma medication, he was gone half an hour.

It was the scariest half hour of her life.

"I was so afraid they would come back when I was by myself and actually come up to the house," Ms Neuendorf said.

"But my partner needed his medication, he had to go."

The pair moved to Gladstone last year to be close to family and for work.

Ms Neuendorf  just wants the ordeal to end.

"We want this to be over," Ms Neuendorf said.

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