LISTEN: 'There were things she couldn't have known'

I'M a sceptic when it comes to 'mediums' or people who say they can connect with the dead.

I've listened to other peoples' recordings and thought 'whatever, you gave away most of that information'.

But after speaking to Charmaine Wilson, a medium performing at the Gladstone Entertainment Centre tonight, I'm reconsidering my attitude.

She didn't tell me anything astounding about people I've lost in my life, but --- if you believe it --- connected with my partner's father who died from a heart attack more than 10 years ago.

There were things she couldn't have known, that I didn't even know and strange things too.

It's not common to have a special esky, or to keep a sports cap as a memento.

Charmaine thought she was speaking to me for a story about her performance. I gave her no warning about doing a reading on me.

In the beginning I was sure my scepticism would be validated, she wasn't painting a clear picture of anyone that came to mind for me and I agreed mostly to keep the conversation going.

But then she mentioned fishing and crab pots.

That's when it got weird. 

Charmaine Wilson is a reformed drug addict who claims to have started hearing voices during her 30s.

Given she was a heavy drug user, Charmaine assumed the voices were a sign of psychosis.

Fearing she had taken her drug use too far, Charmaine gave up using - but the voices stayed.

At the time she was in the middle of a custody battle and too afraid to seek help.

"I didn't have a clue (what the voices were) until 2002. They wouldn't go away and I realised that I needed to communicate back with them," she said.

During her life Charmaine has dealt with the tragic loss of her brother and her four-year-old daughter.

She has also lost her mother, lived through the suicide of a close friend and dealt with the death of her stepfather.

She says that communicating with those who have died is only to offer people some comfort, the same comfort she needed in her darkest hours. 

Tickets are still available for tonight's session at the GECC from 7.30pm - you can book here

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