A jury will determine whether an alleged stabbing at Barney Point was in self defence.
A jury will determine whether an alleged stabbing at Barney Point was in self defence. Paul Braven GLA010217_Police_Cou

'Like a d***head': Court hears alleged stabbing was 'accidental'

A GLADSTONE man who was waving a knife around "like a d***head" only wanted to scare his alleged stabbing victim, a court has heard.

Robert Jamie Cleland, 46, is accused of stabbing Peter Wilson, 48, in the chest and slashing his arm, during an alleged fight at Barney Point on January 24 last year.

Mr Cleland pleaded not guilty to grievous bodily harm and unlawful wounding in Gladstone District Court, on the basis he was defending himself and had not intended to cause Mr Wilson harm.

A jury heard evidence and will decide Mr Cleland's fate.

The court heard Mr Wilson was airlifted to Rockhampton Hospital following the alleged stabbing.

Medical reports submitted to the court by crown prosecutor Alexandra Baker said Mr Wilson's injury was life threatening, and caused his right lung to collapse.

The court heard the alleged stabbing occurred during an alleged fight on the corner of Barney and Friend Sts.

During a recorded interview with police, which was shown to the jury as evidence, Mr Cleland said he had chased Mr Wilson with a hockey stick after Mr Wilson had allegedly punched Mr Cleland's partner in the face.

He said he and his partner then left that property, but were confronted in their car by Mr Wilson, who was allegedly armed with a baseball bat.

He alleged Mr Wilson hit him in the head through the open car window with the bat.

Mr Cleland left the car with the hockey stick and the two allegedly engaged in a fight.

Mr Cleland allegedly stabbed Mr Wilson after dropping his hockey stick and being struck in the head a number of times.

Mobile phone footage shot through a window by a nearby resident showed the altercation.

There was debate between prosecution and defence about who had instigated the fight, and whether Mr Cleland had used reasonable force to defend himself.

In the recorded interview, Mr Cleland told detectives he was waving a multi-purpose tool, which contained a knife, around "like a d***head" to scare Mr Wilson away.

His barrister Tom Polley said Mr Cleland had been hit a number of times and was scared he may be seriously injured in the fight.

However, the medical evidence submitted by prosecution showed Mr Cleland had no visible injuries after the fight and didn't require treatment.

Jury deliberations continue.

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