LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Rally around female veterans


International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day (March 8), Mates4Mates is encouraging people to get involved and support the female veteran community.

This year, the theme is Choose to Challenge, providing an opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements and take action to change the world for the better.

We know that veteran issues are often seen as a male-centric issue, but it’s important that female veterans impacted by service feel seen and heard.

We want them to know that there is support available for them too.

Nearly one third of all those reaching out for support at Mates4Mates are women – many who are veterans.

Defence-related injuries, mental health issues and suicide can affect anyone in the Defence community.

Sadly, the rates of suicide among ADF veteran women are more than two times higher than those of Australian women who have not served.

Let’s use this time as an opportunity to rally around female veterans – mums, daughters and grandmothers – and show we care.

If you know a veteran, reach out and show them that they’re not alone and encourage them to reach out for support.

Those impacted by service who need support can reach out to Mates4Mates on 1300 462 837.

– Georgia Ash, National Clinical Manager, Mates4Mates


Harry's view on passing of former Rockhampton Mayor Lea Taylor.
Harry's view on passing of former Rockhampton Mayor Lea Taylor.


Patients are waiting up to seven hours in an ambulance or hospital corridor before being moved to a bed, according to a union figure, amid startling warnings of significant pressure on the state’s healthcare system.

Deborah Murphy: I would rather pay my ridiculous private health insurance monthly costs to the public system, to have a better system and no ‘gap’ payments which make it nearly unaffordable to even use it.

Trevor J Donovan: A second public hospital should have been built in north rocky. Land had been set aside on Norman Road many years ago. About time a Labor QLD Govt looked after its very many ALP voters in this city.

Amanda Fox: Maybe if the government didn’t cut jobs like they promised they wouldn’t in the election, it might not be this bad … also, people seriously need to realise when it’s time to go to the ED, and when it’s time to go to a GP. Way too many people taking up resources that could be dealt with by their GP.

Lynette Laskus: I was there one night and a lady who had been waiting for 7 hours to see a doctor or even a nurse could not sit up any longer and went outside and laid down on the footpath outside A & E. I thought of driving to Brisbane.

Paul Richardson: The base hospital services too big of an area. It will never get any better.

Kerryn James: Absolutely horrendous!!!!!!


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