LETTERS: Controversial issues continue to divide nation


American Patriot
Rush Limbaugh was: "A leading voice of the American political right since the 1980s".

He was a 2016 Trump campaign supporter and a radio political conservative commentator.
His controversial television and radio comments made headlines because of his anti-immigrant stance, backing Trump's policies of "America First".

For Limbaugh's political support, Trump awarded this controversial, self-proclaimed "patriot", the "Medal of Freedom".
Protected by the "First Amendment", where free speech is a given: a right secured by the Constitution, he enthusiastically attacked socialism, communism and US cultural wars.

Whereas, Australia's protection of freedom of speech policy is bipartisan, with boundaries, conditional on statement without creating offence.
His polarising rhetoric appealed to Trump's Republicans, who hail him as a hero, for his forthrightness on controversial issues which continue to divide the nation.

- Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands



Harry's view on Queensland Olympic bid.
Harry's view on Queensland Olympic bid.



ANON. Aged care shame... who is going to be held accountable? Is the government going to pull another Royal Commission? That's the best they can do I guess. They never have to worry about wiping their a-- thanks to the very generous pay packets they get from taxpayers. It's a joke. You'd want to hope you die in your sleep at home.



Queensland has taken a huge step towards hosting the 2032 Olympic Games after the International Olympic Committee rubber stamps its status as preferred candidate.

DD_IS_THE_CRITIC · Gympie: Isn't QLD broke? Didn't Anna wants ScoMo to keep jobkeeper going for QLD

VAGABOND · Torquay: Queensland does not need and cannot afford the Olympics. What we need is upgraded highways, social housing and an improved rail system, only then should we look at borrowing money for the Olympics.

UMB9G67X1VH74L9ZDEBBIEB · Avoca: Really? Who actually WANTS the Olympics here??



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