LETTERS: QLD’s 2032 Olympic bid ‘a bridge too far’


11 years away and who pays the bill?

Our present pandemic economic crisis puts things in perspective.

The cost of the required infrastructure is a bridge too far, in our 2021 economic climate.

History has taught us that it’s the taxpayer who pays for the shortfall.

Our present premier and lord mayors’ bidding for the 2032 Games, cannot guarantee the burden of costs won’t be their legacy.

They will be retired with healthy super annuations and benefits.

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The Gold Coast again wants the glory, even after the 2000 Games.

South-east Queensland requires world class infrastructure investment which doesn’t presently exist.

We don’t need new taxes to pay for Queensland’s pipedream vision, from which regional Queensland will not benefit.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

A referendum or survey for Queenslanders who will pay the burden of costs, is a fair and ethical way to test the interest.

It should not be the privilege of a few ambitious bureaucrats.

Eloise Rowe,

Tannum Sands.

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