LETTER: Local businesses should benefit from major shutdowns


I refer to the story about Homeground providing ConocoPhillips with accommodation for major shutdowns (The Observer, February 2, P3): I hope into the future when the current major projects are complete the temporary accommodation is packed up and taken away.

To allow these two- or three- star donga accommodation to stay is not in the best interest of the local residents, businesses or the long term future of a progressive growing city.

Local businesses, hotels, restaurants and residents should be utilized and benefit from future major shutdowns.

Gladstone residents and businesses should benefit as much as possible from all industries in the town and the FIFO workforce should become a part of history along with the accommodation.

A. Hamilton, Gladstone


A number of those who commented on the story online shared the same view:

eyespy6 - Gladstone wrote: I guess its asking just way too much for the council to ensure all of the temporary accommodation that is contributing to the devastation in domestic property values be removed now that the construction is over...The original approvals were to meet very short term critical needs for the construction phase, not some long term highly lucrative financial scheme set up by a few at the cost of everyone else living here. As none of that was ever made clear by any council information we should expect them all to be dismantled and removed.

Ukipn1 of Tannum Sands wrote: Spot on there mate, unfortunately we now have a 2000 thousand man camp in a already oversupplied town, were people are just kept out the way and unable to bring any money into the local shops and bars, the council don't give a care in the world about the local community. The owner of the tapas bar in tannum sands he can't even get a licence to sell alcohol he's been waiting six months yet these places have there own licence,this papers a joke as well write something about the situation and what the local people are thinking!

giddins1 of Kin Kora wrote: Another blow to small business owners here in Gladstone. Hotels and motels near empty, locals looked over for fly in fly out contractors like was just recently done at Yarwun where they brought in a full crew from Victoria. These Gas companys came to town saying they wanted to be part of the community but keep going outside of Gladstone and we keep losing dollars to the southern states and local highly skilled people looked over.

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