LETTER FROM QAL: To South, West Gladstone residents

QAL community relations manager Jeremy Hastings said the company had now dropped letters at all residences likely to have been affected by a caustic leak yesterday at midday in specific areas of South and West Gladstone.

The letter, from QAL general manager Mike Dunstan, reads:

Dear residents of South and West Gladstone

Over the last few years QAL have been working very hard to reduce the impact that our operations has on our community.

Unfortunately, at midday on Wednesday 10th June 2015, we did not meet the high expectations we set for ourselves and due to a process incident released alkali into the atmosphere.

The area associated with the process incident was quickly isolated and contained.

Unfortunately, based on our predicted wind dispersion modelling, this may not have prevented some impact on property in the South and West Gladstone area.

We appreciate this may have also raised some concerns regarding an individual's health but we are confident the likelihood of any person being impacted was very low.

A detailed investigation is now underway to understand the root cause of the incident to ensure that a similar event does not occur in the future.

We are also  working with the relevant authorities who are monitoring the situation closely and will be kept fully abreast of the investigation.

If you believe your property may have been impacted, please contact our community hotline immediately on 1800 181 110. Our team will then get in touch to organise an inspection and explain the steps from there.

On behalf of QAL, I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please know that we remain absolutely committed to reducing the impacts that QAL has on our community and if you would like to find out more about our journey go to


Mike Dunstan

General Manager QAL."

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