Letter: No excuse for lack of parking around CBD mall

Letter to the editor from D.M. Houston, of Boyne Island.

CAR parking has been inadequate around the Goondoon Street Mall ever since it was created.

This has undoubtedly been the main reason for the slow death of the CBD.

>> Study to identify sites for new CBD car park

The failure of successive city councils to grasp this nettle and build multi-storey car parks is indefensible.

The businesses adjacent to a pedestrian mall must serve people who live more than walking distance away, so it is essential that adequate parking is available, not only for the people who work there, but also for the customers.

Poor parking means that the customers go elsewhere.

The compromise of allowing parking in the mall itself was always a poor excuse for proper adequate parking within easy walking distance of the businesses, as well as being a hazard to the pedestrians.

Launceston (Tasmania) installed a pedestrian mall about 40 years ago. It was one of the first in Australia.

The architect who they hired to design it had installed malls in the UK.

He insisted that the design included adequate car parking off the streets either side of the mall.

The mall was, and continues to be, a success. Our Mayor should go and have a look.

Forget the five-star hotel. If the mall is a success entrepreneurs will be falling over one another to build one.

The essential thing is to get on with it and provide the parking that has been missing since the mall was installed.

Thirty years late is still better than never.

The tinkering with Goondoon Street outside the library has largely been a waste of money because it fails to address the key issue of adequate parking.

Even the parking under the library was compromised by insufficient spacing of the building columns.

The litany of lost chances continues.

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