LETTER: Mandatory desexing must be a priority

RE THE story on the front page and Page 3 of the Gladstone Observer, June 15, "Old dog dumped" and "Gloomy outlook as dog's D Day arrives".

Lisa Warman, volunteer carer, mentioned that "it takes one look on Facebook to realise just how many irresponsible dog owners there are in Gladstone".

I only wish our Mayor and councillors would open their eyes and see this because they claim that it is the minority causing problems.

It may be the minority, but there are far too many animals suffering.

I have been corresponding with the Mayor and councillors for more than two years now, regarding all the dog problems caused by irresponsible animal owners in Gladstone who are breeding cats and dogs - all because there are no by-laws in place to stop them.


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Other responsible councils have policies in place such a Permit to Breed and mandatory de-sexing.

If this council was a responsible council it would implement mandatory de-sexing of all household cats and dogs.

Some time ago I received a response by email from them stating: "If council implemented mandatory de-sexing, it would punish the responsible animal owners."

I would like to hear from any responsible owner who believes this by-law would affect them.

If the Mayor and councillors opened their eyes, they would see the amount of animals suffering and if they even cared about the welfare of animals they would put mandatory de-sexing in place immediately.

I have heard of many people acquiring animals just because they were going to be euthanised and then after a short time these people who didn't really want the animal in the first place, don't bother with the animal anymore, and discard it whichever way they can.

Time for our council to take drastic action.

- BARB SMITH, Gladstone

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