LETTER: Hummock Hill Island resort approval 'appalling'

THE Curtis Coast Environmental Protection Association is appalled at the government's decision to okay the Hummock Hill Island development

The proposed development would involve a bridge to the mainland, a golf course, an airstrip, one or two boat ramps, a desalination plant that may contaminate the waterways by leaking into the aquifers, approximately 790 residential allotments, two hotels, a conference centre and a motel, holiday accommodation, camping grounds, a commercial centre and a retail centre.

It is claimed that 3000 tourists and 1200 residents will live on the island.

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Of course these residents will have young children, cats and dogs who like to go exploring etc. The safe migratory bird roosts would suffer along with the turtle nesting sites.

It would also include all supporting infrastructure such as roads, power, water, waste treatment, gas and sewerage treatment plant and involve clearance of more than 300 hectares of native vegetation.

Hummock Hill Island is one of a very small number of undeveloped islands remaining in the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. As a large island close to the coast, and surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef waters, Hummock Hill has remarkable natural and World Heritage values.

Our members say this is a unique large island with a sustainable ecosystem containing species of plants and animals not widely represented in the rest of the World Heritage Area.

This is a reason why environmental Minister Tony Burke refused the development in 2011, after carefully considering the environmental assessment, expert advice and public submissions.

Ian Simmons, CCEPA president

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