Hook in! Party starts country's largest family fishing event

EVEN his partner's birthday could not stop David Hodge from attending this year's HookUp.

"It's a bit of a tradition I've got with the boys," he said.

"We've been coming here for nearly ten years and I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Mr Hodges mates Andy 'Phippsy' Phipps and Jay Morgan agreed they would make the same choice under the same circumstances.

"We are always stoked to be here," said Mr Phipps.

"I'm hoping species of all sorts will be coming in over the weekend. I'm ready to cook up at the HookUp."

Self designated 'apprentice' treasurer of the HookUp committee, Rebecca Dick shared the same sentiment of excitement for the launch of the fishing competition.

"I think it is a great event for this community," she said.

"I live across the road and one thing I love to see is the teenagers riding their bikes in the morning with a rod and bucket. It gives them a great activity to do."

The largest family fishing event of it's kind in Australia, the 2014 Boyne Tannum HookUp is destined to be bigger than ever.

Sponsors gathered at Bray Park in Boyne Island on Thursday evening to socialise and relax in light of their months of hard labour leading up to the event. As they dined, eager fishermen were preparing their boats for an early morning launch off the boat ramp.

Gordon Triplett from Suzuki shared the excitement of the crowd on the eve of a huge weekend.

"We are really excited to be here," he said.

The Side by Side team, lead by Dennis Paul, presented a traditional Maori ceremony, culminating in the laying down of a challenge - The Haka.

Top prizes attract young and old

THE biggest catch of the weekend is not from the water.

It is sitting idly underneath a shade structure waiting for its new owner to be announced.

The 2014 Toyota Rav4 complete with personalized number plates and a Seajay 4.85 Capri is the top prize leaving Bray Park with one lucky individual.

With over $270,000 to be won over the duration of the weekend in cash and prizes, the 2014 Boyne Tannum HookUp is boasting bigger prizes than ever before.

Even if you're not lucky in the water, it won't mean you can't get lucky.

A Jimboomba camper trailer, four Angler 3.15 Seajay boats and another four Magnum 4.25s are all up for grabs.

Jeff Amos, Boyne Tannum HookUp organiser, said the prizes this year were phenomenal.

"It's the best prize haul we've had in the duration of the event," he said.

"And you don't have to catch a fish to win a prize."

Comment below and share what your favourite part of the Boyne Tannum HookUp is! Share photos of your great catches by submitting them with the form on this page or on social media using #boynetannumhookup

The first prize car and boat for the HookUp event.
The first prize car and boat for the HookUp event. Luka Kauzlaric

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