GOT the coffee ready?

The late-night snacks?

Have you stocked up on vitamin B and decked out the living room in blankets and all manner of Australian patriotic paraphernalia?

If not, you have about 20 hours in which to make good on what should be due process for every single Aussie for the next 13 days or so.

Bring on the Olympics, I say.

Bring on our glory.

We'll be up into the wee small hours cheering on our Billy.

We'll have forgotten the rubbish surrounding the flag bearer and we will have turned a (long overdue) blind eye to the ridiculous banter about Leisel Jones' physique (for the record, I cannot let that latter point go by without a definite expression of disgust that this would even be an issue!) We will have conditioned ourselves for more late nights/early mornings of dedicated sports watching (even off the back of Wimbledon and the Tour de France) and we will be able to spruik athletic stats and use the term PB as if it is our conversational default position.

For the first (and only time) we will all be sporting experts.

Now, for just that reason alone, what's not to love?

There will be the controversies (and not just involving bus drivers who don't know their way around London), the drug cheats (regardless of what the Games' officials tell us), the mischief (hopefully not involving Nick Darcy) and the general fun and frivolity. It's what makes this the biggest, most glamorous, the most-anticipated event - sporting or otherwise - in the world.

We might not be in London, but we can still be part of the fun.

We can cheer ourselves hoarse, we can cry tears of jubilation and we can all bring our fabulous Aussies home to Olympic glory.

So, let the Games begin.

Trailer full of spirits to raise farmers' spirits

Trailer full of spirits to raise farmers' spirits

The community hopes to raise $10,000 for farmers' families in Aramac

Miriam Vale hosts charity fun Saturday

Miriam Vale hosts charity fun Saturday

A blend of serious competition and community involvement

Surprise showers move across parts of the region

Surprise showers move across parts of the region

But don't expect the rainfall to record at any rain gauge.

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