Leave it to the leader in you to decide who to elect

WE ARE entering a time in which we have an important decision to make: who is going to lead our community and our country forward into an unknown and uncertain future?

People have all sorts of reasons for making their decision on who they will choose as their elected representatives.

For some, they vote the way their family has always voted, with a political party or for an ideal.

Some people get swept up in personalities, consumed by the status and ever-hanging gossip which seem to clothe candidates.

For others it is policy, whether it is seen for the good of the country, or the good of the community, or the niche of self-interest. My family, my business, my money, my taxes.

However, I would like to say this: who we elect matters.

Let's break it down into some simple questions of what and how.

The what is the policies. What is a political party going to do? In the end, most policies are just pieces of paper with things written on them. They are often detailed and factual, with areas of vagueness to deal with the unexpected and the unknown.

In themselves, they tend to have little life to them.

What matters then is the how. How will these things be done?

People can interpret the rules, the laws, the policies in all sorts of different ways. You can have the same policy but implemented in very different ways, considering whether you are being led by a Stalin or a Ghandi.

I believe that in any business, in any organisation, the chief executive officer sets the tone.

The values and beliefs held by that man or woman will determine what the outcomes of the business are.

Such as it is with running a country.

Such as it is with running ourselves.

We elect representatives to make decisions on our behalf. Therefore this means we are relinquishing some of our responsibilities to another.

So exactly who is it that we are inviting in to do these things for us? What kind of people are they? And depending on the type of person we choose, what does that say about ourselves?

So, lets get to it: What kind of a leader are you in your own life? Are you strong, clear, and forthright? Are you a brutal tyrant who believes it is your way or the highway? Are you a soft and gentle carer with soft boundaries that anyone can cross? Are you driven by self-gratification, only thinking of yourself, and stuff the world?

Take some time before you elect your leader to stop and understand yourself. Who are you? What do you want? And how do you do life? Then look at your preferred candidate and ask yourself, what do they represent to me? And then choose clearly.

Because the great leader in you will make a good choice.

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