Learning to live with another person’s quirks

FOR the first time in my life, I am the woman of the house and it's a role I'm not sure I'm suited to.

I am notoriously messy, clumsy and carefree.

My version of making the bed is hiding crumpled sheets under the doona.

My mother recently told my partner, "Don't expect your room to ever look tidy, she never mastered that one".

Luckily I have the most patient and equally carefree partner to share a house with.

He is definitely the best housemate I've ever had.

He even rates one rung higher than the girl who  would go out for a night on the town and would always make carrot and hummus at 2am in the morning, no matter what state she was in.

While I've had some stunners, there have been some absolute shockers too.

Lifts heavy things for me, mows the lawn and tells me when it's time for bed if I've fallen asleep on the couch.

Despite living together for almost a year now, we are still getting used to each other's quirks and habits.

For instance, I despise seeing a power point left on if it isn't connected to anything.

My partner loves leaving his phone charger plugged in and turned on, but not connected to his phone.

I have to turn it off every time.

He can't understand why I leave the television, kettle and toaster plugged on when I'm not using it, but have a distinct problem with his phone charger.

He also has a problem with the attachment I have with near empty shampoo bottles that gather at the bottom of the shower. I have to use every last drop.

But when it comes to sauce, I have no difficulty in tossing a half full container.

Tell me your quirky housemate stories. Surely there are people stranger than I.

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