One Nation leader Pauline Hanson
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson

Lawyer to Pauline: Come see "sharp end" of family courts

A QUEENSLAND lawyer has invited Senator Pauline Hanson to experience the "sharp end" of family law, after she described the system as "discriminatory, biased and unworkable".

In her maiden speech earlier this year, Ms Hanson called for the Family Court to be abolished.

One Nation's policy advocates the creation of a "Family Tribunal".

"The Family Tribunal will consist of people from mainstream Australia. Respected members from local community groups encompassing health, social and community interests groups will be invited to participate," according to the One Nation policy document.

Brisbane family lawyer Jennifer Hetherington has penned an open letter to Ms Hanson to join her for a week in the Family Court.

Ms Hetherington said her invitation for Ms Hanson to experience the real world of Family Law was genuine and serious.

She said the One Nation leader was doing "more harm than good" by spreading mistruths.

"The single biggest problem with our Family Law system right now is lack of funding to ensure more judges are available to hear cases," she wrote.

"The people who end up in Court either have complex problems, have been unable to resolve their differences through mediation, or one of the parties has been unwilling to attend mediation.

"The longer people are in the court system, the more intractable their disputes become.

"With a current backlog in Brisbane of two to three years before a case is decided on a final basis, that means families are enmeshed in conflict for an extended period."

One Nation and Ms Hanson have been approached for comment.

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