Laughter tips the balance in your favour

SOMETIMES, it's best just to laugh.

Yes, yes. It is the best medicine. And we are bombarded with the pseudo-psychology and scientific fabulousness of laughter constantly through social and mainstream media.

To laugh is to release all kinds of emotional, and even physical, toxins.

Undoubtedly there is nothing quite as wonderful as the soreness of your belly, the tears and the smudged eye makeup that comes from a really good laugh.

And then there is the snort.

I myself am not a snorter. But my daughter, Miss Six-Going-On-Seven, is.

It's all kinds of awesome, and one of my favourite memories of her is, in fact, her first snort!

She was four. She was being tickled. It came naturally!

Of course, what ensued was a whole new wave of loud and uncontrollable laughter - this time, from all of us!

As a contagion, laughter is up there with the nastiest of viruses, but the effects, thankfully, are of immeasurable benefit!

But see, there is a catch - a bit of a trick, if you will, to this laughter business.

And that trick is having the ability - and even the will - to want to laugh even when the weight of a situation seems to make that seem impossible.

Life can be rather excremental at times - let's face it. It's not easy. It can be messy and hard and plain old unfair.

Work can be hard. Kids get sick. Relationships break down. Dogs die. Fridges die while you're on holidays. Friends turn their backs.

But to laugh! That is the stuff that makes life good.

To be able to shove the rubbish to one side, to laugh in the face of the hard stuff and defuse - not to say trivialise - a difficult situation is as empowering to our personal humanity as it is cathartic and healthy.

I'll put my hand up and admit it's a skill I have grown better at, but still need to hone.

Taking all the hardballs, roadblocks and bad hands life serves up and having the ability to shake your head and laugh it off as a bit of an ongoing practical joke tips the balance of power back in your favour.

That's not to say it's easy. But the stuff in life that's really worth something very rarely is.

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