Guy Cartwright with his prizes.
Guy Cartwright with his prizes.

Last place not so bad, keen golfer finds

GUY Cartwright was officially the worst golfer on Gladstone Golf Course on Sunday afternoon, but he was still in good spirits in the clubhouse after the round.

Given the NAGA award for the highest score in the Queensland Rail Institute State Championships, Cartwright can't wait to improve when next year's event comes around.

"I didn't get any birdies or eagles, but I think I got a duck," he joked in his speech when handed his prizes.

"I can't wait to play again."

A member of Gladstone Golf Club, Cartwright has never played in the QRI day before, and admits despite the huge amount of shots, he had a ball on the course.

Cartwright laughed off the 161 shots he had, saying it was his fault for not sticking to simple golf.

"It was my fault, if I didn't lift my head so much," he said.

"Over on the back nine I had a couple of 13s, it is a cruel game."

The Gladstone golfer was well off his best on the day, and hopes to next year pass on the NAGA award to someone else.

While next year's event is set to be somewhere else in Queensland, Cartwright is keen to continue with the QRI championships.

"You are either on your game or not," he said.

While he has no expectations to win in the near future, Cartwright will stay on the golf course, especially now he has some more golf balls as a prize for his bad score.

"I am a hacker at the best of times," he said. "I enjoy the golf for the social side of it."

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