ROLL WITH IT: Primo continuous improvement facilitator Gavan Scaroni and trade marketing manager Michael Pinna ahead of tomorrow's breakfast.
ROLL WITH IT: Primo continuous improvement facilitator Gavan Scaroni and trade marketing manager Michael Pinna ahead of tomorrow's breakfast. Rob Williams

Largest solar grid serves up world record brekky roll effort

THE morning sun will cook thousands of eggs and kilograms of bacon tomorrow as Primo attempts to set a new world record for the largest serving of brekky rolls.

Fresh from installing Australia's largest single rooftop solar grid at its Wacol factory, Primo will take on the world with the breakfast favourite.

Power from the 9700 new panels will cook about 2100 brekky rolls on electric grills in an effort to set a Guinness World Record.

The brekky rolls will be served as a thank you to the hard-working Primo factory staff and the local community, through FoodBank.

Construction on Australia's largest rooftop solar grid started in June last year.

It was the brainchild of Primo continuous improvement facilitator Gavan Scaroni.

Mr Scaroni's job is to find ways to improve the efficiency of the company's operations.

He said it was not difficult to convince Primo to make the multi-million dollar investment in green energy.

Mr Scaroni will be one of 21 chefs cooking the rolls tomorrow morning.

All leftovers will be transported to Foodbank and distributed to people in the community.

Primo Smallgoods chief operating officer Bruce Sabatta said the company was proud to be acting on its carbon footprint.

"It's a lot of emissions we're trying to reduce," he said.

"It says something about the things we're thinking about.

"We're getting hybrid cars for our sales teams, we have waste recycling right across our facility, we minimise the waste of water because we use a lot of water.

"There's a number of different initiatives to reduce our reliance on resources."

Mr Sabatta said the company wanted to crack the world record for brekky rolls and said the community would subsequently benefit.

"We're donating bacon and egg rolls to Foodbank and it ties in with that first in what we're doing with the solar installation," he said.

JBS, Primo's parent company, aims to reduce its global energy consumption by 12 per cent.

Covering about 75 per cent of the Wacol factory roof, the system will generate 4869 megawatts of power in its first year and save 1.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over 20 years.

It is the equivalent of powering 20,032 homes for one year.

The solar panels have a lifespan of about 25 years and will lower the company's reliance on the energy grid and reduce costs and emissions.

Global meat production is responsible for almost 15 per cent of the world's carbon emissions.

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