Residents blame Swanbank landfills for foul smell

THOSE responsible for a sickening smell that hovered over parts of Ipswich are being urged to own up so it doesn't happen again.

Last week numerous suburbs were exposed to an odour that was likened to that of a dead animal.

Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale called on the operators responsible to come forward and take action to make sure residents did not suffer unpleasant odours in the future.

As investigations into the source of the odour continue, many residents have pointed the finger at landfill sites in Swanbank.

On social media, Ipswich resident Amy Buhse wrote that she lived near a dump in Swanbank and was familiar with the stench.

Ms Buhse said she encountered the same "dead, sulphur" smell before, during a time when the landfill had been burning off garbage.

Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller said Ipswich City Council approved the dumps under the Town Planning Scheme many years ago.

Ms Miller said she had received several complaints about the smell and had made her views very clear to the EPA and the council on behalf of residents.

"The council and the Environment Protection Agency need to work together to solve these matters and prosecute the businesses that make like a misery for residents," she said. "If the businesses are in breach of the Town Plan, they should be prosecuted and shamed each time."

Cr Pisasale said council was continuing to work with the State Government's Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to find where the smell originated.


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