Knowing your holiday location could avert disaster

AS GLADSTONE region families prepare for holidays, the Queensland Ambulance Service is urging people to know their holiday address in case of an emergency.

QAS Central Queensland chief superintendent Michelle Baxter said it was important for people to know these details, to ensure they could be relayed quickly during a 000 call.

"Knowing your exact holiday address can cut minutes off emergency response times, which can mean the difference between life and death," Ms Baxter said.

"In an emergency, people can be upset and can easily forget the address of a holiday home or become confused and give ... dispatchers incorrect information.

"This can be particularly common in coastal areas as many apartments and units have similar names - that is why it's important to have the address information on hand, ready to relay quickly and accurately."

Ms Baxter also stressed the importance of knowing beach access points while on holidays.

"In an emergency on a beach, it's just as important for people to be able to correctly relay location information without delay," she said.

"Every second counts in the case of serious incidents such as a near drowning, surfing or boating accidents, and knowing your nearest beach access point can make all the difference."

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