TARGET: Mick Truscott is all about shooting paper.
TARGET: Mick Truscott is all about shooting paper. Campbell Gellie

Truscott wins rifle event, experiments 'still' method

MIKE Truscott is in between shooting methods, he is unsure if he should do a figure eight with the muzzle or try with all of his might to line the bullseye up perfectly.

He made the decision last month to go try and hold the weapon still despite knowing that it is near on impossible.

"The problem is when you're trying to hold the rifle on the spot you always move a bit," he said.

"Most people do a figure eight and I used to but I haven't been shooting as much lately."

He still loves shooting in the Sport Shooting Association of Australia Gladstone Branch competitions but had decided to take the rifle event less seriously.

"I sold my competition rifle and now I just use a normal rife," he said.

"I was happy to get the score I did with that rifle."

Truscott scored a 372.5 out of a possible 400 to win the Rifle Event.

He was taught how to shoot from his father when they were hunting and had always been around rifles his whole life.

"I joined up with the Gladstone Club as soon as I was 18 years old," he said.

A friend from work got him into competing and he never looked back.

"I'm not into hunting anymore. I like to put holes in paper not shooting and killing animals," he said.

"It's a sport that helps your control and if you are into hunting it will help you make sure it is a one-shot one-kill instead of blasting away because you have no idea."

The next SSAA competition is on 9am Saturday at Calliope Neill Creek Rifle Range.

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