Kids make holidays more extraordinary

HOLIDAY is one of those words that few of us really know the meaning of, let alone use.

At the moment I am on two weeks leave - coming back at the beginning of February - and I can honestly say it feels strange.

A little different feeling has run through my body the last few days after the 4am alarm didn't wake me up.

I felt like I've slept in, but then have realised that I don't have to get up with the birds for a few days.

I've been very lucky this time as my kids have joined me here in Gladstone for the first time ever.

The past few days we've been exploring our great city, meeting friends, including having a great time out at Galloway Plains with Leo and his great family.

My daughter was totally excited when I told her that we'd be heading to a farm to check out the horses, cattle and great wildlife in one of the most gorgeous places in the world past Calliope.

I must admit the kids loved every second of it, especially the dam and boat fun. Just a brilliant day out.

Having my two little ones here is an absolute highlight.

Wherever I go people have been coming up to me and asking "so these are the two we've seen on social media..."

I've been enjoying taking them to the hot spots like East Shores, Aquatic Centre, the lookouts and the Sunday Rotary markets, just to name a few.

I did ask them to walk with me up the Mt Larcom climb, but they refused. Maybe next time!

Holidays are meant to a fun time and I guess by the size of my smile, I'm having a ball.

Week two will be even more fun. Relaxing, helping the turtles, RSPCA and heading to Sydney for mum's 70th birthday.

Happy days everyone!

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