Kevin Bloody Wilson hits Gladstone

TWENTY-five years ago he was arrested in Brisbane for swearing on stage. Fast-forward to today and his swearing on stage as resulted in sold out shows, a cult following and more that three million albums sold in Australia alone.

Miranda Cashin caught up with the notorious Kevin Bloody Wilson.

Be advised the following transcript contains strong language and adult content.



Your heading to Gladstone with your Excess All Areas Tour

Yeah it’s the beginning of a worldwide tour. Will start in Queensland and before the end of the year will go to Canada, Afghanistan and South Africa.


Your humour is very Aussie does it translate when you perform overseas?

I found the humour translates. There’s not much translation needed for “Do You Fuck On First Dates. The themes of my songs are pretty universal.


Can you tell me about your tour Excess All Areas

It coincides with the release of my new album Excess All Areas. I’m just busting to get out there and perform the new stuff. I’m pretty keen to test drive the new songs. But I always sing some of the old ones to keep a balance and keep people happy.


Do you find that people often know all the words of your songs?

Yeah people join in and sing in choruses. I encourage it – I’m not too precious about that as long as they are having a good time.


You’ve worked as an electrician and a teacher how did you get involved with music?

Yeah I did but in the background of all that I was in a band and in a country town you play everything. Playing in a town like Kalgoorlie, you had to play everything. Like Wednesday night you’d do a pub, Friday you’d do a blue light disco, Saturday you’d do a wedding and Sunday mornings we used to do these things called ‘Sick Parades’ which were just for the boys at the footy clubs and the cricket clubs.

You’d be hung over from the night before and waiting for the hair of the dog when the pubs opened at 8am. My job was to draw the chook raffled and introduce the strippers.

My mates were encouraging me to record an album. Mates were nudging me saying ‘you’ve got to record your stuff’. Nobody had any inclination that it would be so popular. We especially had no idea it would turn out like this and I would be performing world-wide.


Some of your critics say you swear too much – what do you say to that?

Fuck them! No I don’t swear for the sake of it -  it’s just the way I talk. If you take the swear words out of it, it’s still got to be funny. I used to be called Kevin F**king Wilson but I toned it down.


Why do you think your music is so popular?

I think it’s because I say what a lot of people would like to say and just putting my opinion out there. And I think it’s the larrikin streak in all Australians. Everyone knows at least one ‘Kevin Bloody Wilson’.


What does your family think of what you do?

Family doesn’t have a problem with it – Mum was a little iffy at first. She used to say ‘but you have such a lovely singing voice.’ When  I got to play at the London Palladium Mum came over and watched the full show. She came backstage and said ‘Kevin I think you’re very funny but you still swear too much.’


Your daughter Jenny is following in your footsteps what do you think of that?

She’s my retirement fund. She’s an exceptionally funny lady. She joins me for the Queensland tour – she’s my support act.

The blokey gene that was supposed to go to my son went to my daughter!


Where do you get your inspiration for your music from?

I just stay drunk all the time which makes it easy. Sit around with my mates drinking and steal what they say and put it in a song.


Do they mind finding themselves in a song?

D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F – do you know what that means? Do I look like a give a fuck – it’s my life motto I have it tattooed on my wrist. They brought it back from the Vietnam War.


Do you have any crazy fans?

Yeah women are always flashing their tits and getting me to sign them. That’s not really crazy it’s just bloody good fun!


Does your wife mind?

No she thinks it’s as funny as I do


What do you love most about what you do?

I hate to sound like a politician but I’m a bloody lucky bastard to do what I love and perform – it’s great.


Anything else you’d like to say?

I’m a really handsome bastard and hung like a horse!


Kevin Bloody Wilson will perform at The Gladstone Entertainment Centre on Thursday 25 March.

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