PASSION: Larry Attard says The AC/DC Story is
PASSION: Larry Attard says The AC/DC Story is "dedicated to the legacy that AC/DC gave us”.

Keeping the legend alive: Acca Dacca ready to rock 'n' roll

THEY'VE faced more pressure than the real thing, according to Acca Dacca frontman Larry Attard.

Attard and his band mates have been touring with their blockbuster production The AC/DC Story for the past eight months.

"You're under pressure to do it right all the time, AC/DC can afford for the voice to go out but if you're doing it, you've got to be right (or) people will crucify you," Attard said.

Not that it would appear Acca Dacca has much to worry about, they are the only AC/DC show given the tick of approval by AC/DC themselves.

Attard explained how it happened:

"It came round as a bit of a shock. There was an interview with Angus Young (co-founder of AC/DC) around a decade ago, on German 60 Minutes and they (asked him) about tribute bands and what he thought - he came out with: if you want to see a show, and you can't see AC/DC, go see Acca Dacca," he said.

"We were just blown away, we didn't expect it.

"AC/DC did see (our) show (once) in Sydney I was told. For the life of me I'm not sure which one it was.

"We didn't know before the show that AC/DC was in the audience."

Attard said this was probably a good thing as it might have affected their performance.

"But it would have been nice to call one of them up on stage," he said.

Acca Dacca have been together for 18 years, and in that time they've done their fair share of travel including trips to Indonesia, New Zealand and Europe.

"In the Czech Republic (they're) massive (AC/DC) fans we had to turn people away from shows, we didn't have venues big enough," Attard said.

Since the band formed, Attard's son - Jesse has grown up too. When Acca Dacca started, Jesse was three, he now plays lead guitar in the band.

Attard said the production - The AC/DC Story was "as far away from a tribute band as you can probably get".

"It's more a theatre production," he said.

"It's virtually telling the story from whoa to go of AC/DC, the inception of the band and what they went through on their journey to stardom.

"It makes you pretty proud to be able to do it and to see people's reaction. We say you'll laugh, (and) you'll rock.

"The main thing is it's family friendly, people can bring children.

"Come along and give them a bit of an education in Australian rock history."

event details

Where: Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre

When: 7.30pm, February 3

Tickets: Adult $65

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