Keeping a customer is as easy as saying hello

I'M going to bang on again today about customer service - the most critical component of a successful business.

I was in one of our supermarkets on Saturday. Just had a few bits and pieces to buy.

I put the purchases on the conveyor and the checkout person picked them up. Not a word was spoken between us.

Now I know I could have initiated, with a "hello", but normally you would expect it to come from the other direction. I'm the customer, right?

Anyway, the items were all scanned and the operator, without even attempting to look towards me, told me the amount I had to pay.

I duly paid and left, hoping to find a more agreeable operator next time I went to the supermarket - or perhaps I won't bother going back to that supermarket.

Never once did we make eye contact. I was constantly watching her face for some sort of recognition.

It's only a small thing, but that's it. It's those small things that are so easy to fix that often turn us off a certain shop or business.

On the other hand, have you ever been to Bunnings?

The staff there must have it drilled into them just how important it is to make eye contact and actually greet every single person who comes into their store.

Every time I wander down the aisles at Bunnings and a staff member is coming towards me there is instant eye contact and a cheery "good morning".

Once you've scored a customer in business it's the most important part of your business to retain that customer.

To hang on to a customer is lots easier than to attract a new one.

So many of our businesses today provide less than expected in customer service.

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